Reflection: A Learning Process from A – Z

By America Edwards

A: America does not enjoy eating strange things with her eyes closed.

B: Bias in the media exists, and we must be caution both as readers and authors.

C: Classrooms can be created anywhere, even poolside.

D: Dogs are valued in San Francisco, as I saw at least 7 a day.

E: Every person in our group became a friend by the end.

F: Facts are not facts just because we say so.  Facts used in media stories must always be verified.

G: Ghirardelli chocolate originated in San Fransisco.

H: Hills in San Fransisco are steep, but a testament to how resilient the human body is.

I: I  now have a better understanding of the conversation behind the stories that end up on Page One of news outlets, following the purposes of media.

J: Just because a sign reminds citizens to compost, they may follow and through food into the trash bin. We must make a collective effort to help our environment.

L: Limits are important to acknowledge, such as not forcing yourself through a dark maze if it is healthier to remove yourself from the situation.

M: Media is everywhere you look.

N: Never call an Uber if you aren’t 100% ready to leave your location.

O: Overlooking details can lead you to the wrong place, possibly by the wrong bus.

P: Purposes of media are to inform, persuade, entertain, and express.

Q: Quality writing should go through both solo and collaborative processes of editing.

R: Respect the spaces you are in, as they have stories. Clarion Alley looks like it is filled with graffiti at first, but then you realize that each section of the wall is a carefully constructed mural, telling a story.

S: San Fransisco Chronicle aims to share news that is new, coming from different angles and perspectives.

T: Twitter values their employees and tries to create a collaborative space for users.

U: Users of social networking sites should be aware of where they are receiving their news, who is writing it, and who the intended audience is.

V: Various technology companies are believed (by the locals) to be causing gentrification in particular neighborhoods.

X: Xerox office printer would have helped, as I wanted my daily readings to be paper copies.

Y: You missed out if you were a student of the Lee Honors College and did not attend Study in the States: Media Literacy.

Z: Zoos, while often thought of as places known for taking animals out of their natural habitat, can provide sanctuary from animals in other zoos that were going to be displaced.


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  1. Because the formats are somewhat similar, my comments on this are going to be kind of similar to what I told Lauren. The format is really effective because it allows you to comment on your entire trip without weighing down the post with detail. I like that you used the alphabet because having 26 points allows each takeaway to form a web of experiences. What I told Lauren that I think would also help you is to include pictures throughout the post. While written details would make the post to long, pictures are a simple yet effective way to fill in any gaps and paint a fuller picture.


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